Since 1928, the Junior League of Greensboro (JLG) has dedicated volunteers and resources to issues facing our community. The JLG strives to create meaningful and lasting impact in the community through its membership and its efforts with community partners. Each year the League identifies organizations to directly partner with by providing time, talents, and funds

Our Current Partners

Over the past year the Junior League of Greensboro has worked diligently to identify organizations throughout Greensboro that serve older adults and their caregivers.

Community Housing Solutions- Aging Gracefully

In partnership with Community Housing Solutions of Guilford, this project involves providing services to elderly people who cannot physically or financially do the repairs or modifications themselves. Junior League volunteers, guided by CHS staff members, will assist with repairs and construction at six Saturday events.

Healthy Living for Seniors at the Greensboro Farmers Market

In partnership with the Greensboro Farmers Market (GFM), Junior League of Greensboro work to provide senior patrons with better access to fresh foods, nutritional education, cooking classes and volunteers to navigate the market.

Junior League Kids in the Kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen is a national Junior League initiative that began in 2006. Kids in the Kitchen addresses the growing problem of childhood obesity by using hands-on curriculum that educates both the parent and child on healthy eating choices. Junior League volunteers will be responsible for delivering food demonstrations for children at LeBauer Park monthly.

Hands on Help

Hands on Help is an initiative designed to increase the scope of impact in the community with needs that come up on an ongoing basis. The focus is to partner with local nonprofits or organizations for done-in-a-day projects needing volunteers and funding. Once projects are approved, the Hands on Help committee assists with logistics and requests for general membership volunteers to complete the project for the community partner. Some of last year’s projects were a gift-wrapping station at Greensboro Farmers Market, assembling food packs for Backpack Beginnings, and sorting/distributing food with Out of the Garden Project’s Fresh Mobile Markets. Fill out the form to be considered for a Junior League Hands on Help project this year.

Community Impact

The Community Impact Fund is used for one-time emergency assistance within our community. This figure represents 3% of our overall funding.

Partnering with Us

Proposals are currently being accepted from community organizations interested in partnering with the Junior League of Greensboro during the 2021-2022 league year. Directions and the proposal form are listed below.

2021-2022 JLG Request for Proposal Instructions & Form