Bargain Box

The Bargain Box is the League’s only ongoing fundraiser and sells previously owned merchandise donated by League members and the community. It is currently located across from the Red Collection at 1410 Mill St, Greensboro, NC 27408.

In 1935, the Junior League Gift and Antique Shop became known as the Junior League Thrift Shop.

In 1947, the Thrift Shop became a League mainstay and changed its name again—this time for good—and celebrated the grand opening of the Bargain Box on Summit Avenue.

In 1949, the Bargain Boxed moved again and would later move six more times in only 30 years—145 Bishop Street, 117 South Davie Street, 218 South Greene Street, 908 North Eugene Street, 113 South Elm Street, 122 North Elm Street and finally to its current location at 1410 Mill Street.

For questions regarding the Bargain Box, contact

Thank you for your donations to the Bargain Box.

Your donations are the driving force behind our store. We appreciate the time and effort it takes to bring items to the Bargain Box.