Our Leadership

Board of Directors

President: Leigh Anne Bullin
President Elect: Susanne Hall
Executive Vice President: Amy Mason
Treasurer: Nicole Scallon
Secretary: Michele Matthews
Nominating Chair: Sally Cartwright
Director: Brittany Blue
Director: Afi Johnson-Parris
Director: Jillian Morgan
Director: Deborah West

Executive Management Team

Executive Vice President: Amy Mason
Executive Vice President Elect: Becca Mead
Personnel Vice President: Kari Smith
Training Vice President: Stephanie Blair
Treasurer Elect: Cristy Love
Membership Vice President: Coretta Walker
Fund Development Vice President: Libby Schinnow
Communications Vice President: Isabel Adams
Bargain Box Chair: Marisa Munoz
Community Vice President: Jenna Brubaker
Nominating Chair-Elect: Kisha Carmichael-Motley
Sustainer President: Daniela Helms


Annual Fund Chair: Amanda Mazza
Assistant Treasurer: Tammy Lea-Hill
Backpack Beginnings Co-Chair: Meredith Hackathorn
Backpack Beginnings Co-Chair: Megan LeFaivre
Bargain Box Assistant Chair: Maddie Weierbach
Bargain Box Display Coordinator: 
Emily Ledbetter
Communications Chair: 
Katie Karpinski
Communications Assistant Chair: Laura Smith
Community Housing Solutions Chair: Ashley Ricks
Community Partner Planning Chair: Erin Aderholdt
Connections Co-Chair: Isabel Adams
Connections Co-Chair: Lizzy Tahsuda
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair: Susan Blake
Fund Development Chair: Catherine Hinken
Leadership Development Chair: Tory Bowers
Leadership Development Women to Watch Chair: Shannon Wiley
Graphic Designer and Brand Manager: Rylie Allen
Grant Writer: Elyssa Tucker
Kellin Kids Chair: Caroline Walker
Kids in the Kitchen Chair: Danielle Sowell
Meeting Arrangements Chair: Tori Pope
Monday Minute Editor: Beth Sandie
Photographer: Madeleine Barbour
Placement Chair: 
Maggie Napier
Provisional Co-Chair: Leigh Anne Church
Publications Chair/EverGreene Editors: Chantel Simpson & Kristen Cruz
Recruitment Co-Chair: Randall Ariail
Signature Fundraiser Co-Chair: Ashley Nosek
Signature Fundraiser Co-Chair:
Cristal Campbell Snow
Signature Fundraiser Co-Chair: Amy Southern
Social Media Chair: Olivia Earley
Special Events Co-Chair: Bridget Crocker
Special Events Co-Chair: Sara Hopkins
Transition Chair: Lindsay Brock
Website Chair
: Lauren Myers

Nominating Committee
Lauren Bondurant
Jamie Dietz
Margia Duckworth
Tuisha Stack
LaDonna Tisdale

Placement Advisors
Pamela Greenwood
Katherine Hedges
Sinead O’Doherty
Ebony Williamson