Member Spotlight: Lindsay Brock

Name: Lindsay Brock

Placement: Treasurer Elect

Years in the League: This my 5th active year. I was a transfer two years ago from the Hartford league. I love that the Junior League has enabled me to move and find friends so easily who are community minded as well!

What made you decide to do an employee match for JLG?
When I moved here, my company didn’t have a formal employee match program but I knew they were very community-minded. They loved that I and other employees are involved and charitably minded. They were willing to sponsor events and our involvement when they meant something to us so I decided to bring up the idea of an employee match during my review my first year of employment. Other companies I had worked for had policies like these. After I asked, my boss brought the idea to the rest of the partners who thought it was a great idea! Soon after, my partners announced to the whole company that they would match up to $100 per employee for charitable donations they make in any given year.

Have you done an employee match program before with other organizations?
Other companies I’ve been with in my career had similar employee match programs and I either used them to donate to the Junior League or other organizations that were important to me over the years.

Any advice for league members who are interested in broaching this subject with their employers?
Yes! There’s no harm in asking if your company has a match program. The worst thing that might happen is they apologize and say that they can’t and you’ve just shown them your interest in charitable causes, including your dedication to the League and its mission. The best thing is that they might love the idea, and introduce it to all employees, like my company did!

What are some of the ways an employee match can benefit the league? How do we use these funds?
Employee match funds are extremely important for the League – every extra dollar raised for the League helps us provide much needed funds for our community partners and programs that we run each year. We provide volunteers for these programs but also give them sizable grants to use – which are decided in League-wide meetings each year where you can participate to choose the most interesting and needed programs in our community. Some of our current programs you all know well, like Kids in the Kitchen and The Greensboro Farmers Market Assistance program, but did you know that many other community programs were started and helped by the League from years ago? The very successful Greensboro Children’s Museum is one of them! In addition, our funds raised run the League as a whole, as well as our other fundraising and educational events throughout the year like securing speakers, event spaces and training for our Women’s leadership series events, diversity and inclusion events and other training opportunities throughout the year for many members.

Keep a look out for more information regarding our upcoming training series to learn more! Our November presentation will be centered around the Junior League budget, the League’s financial health, and how your dues and fundraising money is used. It is sure to be a very interesting and eye opening session – it will be recorded but we will also take Q&A both before and during the session!